The zx6000 is a zx1 based workstation from HP.

It has up to two McKinley, Madison or Deerfield processors.

It has 12 DIMM slots which must be loaded in matched pairs. Supported DIMM sizes are 256MB to 2GB.

It has 1 AGP 4x slot and 3 PCI-X slots, each on their own bus. Slot 1 is AGP and slots 2, 3 and 4 are 500MB/s PCI-X.

On the motherboard, there are four EHCI USB ports, a CMD649 IDE controller, two serial ports, an Intel 100Mbit network port, a Broadcom 5701 gigabit ethernet port and an LSI 53c1030 Ultra320 scsi controller.

It has three internal drive bays; the bottom two are connected to one port of the 1030 controller and the top one is connected to the other. The external scsi port is on the same bus as the upper internal drive bay. The built-in DVD drive is connected to the IDE controller.

Slot PCI bus number Notes
Motherboard00:xx EHCI USB, CMD649, e100
Motherboard20:xx Broadcom 5701, LSI53c1030
Slot 1 80:01 AGP
Slot 2 60:01
Slot 3 40:01
Slot 4 c0:01